Friday, March 5, 2010

Unofficial; Fear Mongering is Big Business

The bars open at 11, are you ready?

Of course, you are probably already drinking at a house party.

From WICD ABC 15

Day of Drinking

url may not last long.

Final preparations are underway for todays unofficial Saint Patrick's Day celebration on the University of Illinois campus. Today marks 14 years since the tradition began. Its an event that is drawing thousands of visitors. And police know that -- which is why they'll have extra patrols out. They say they'll put more of a focus, this year, on private parties -- though there will still be bar checks.
From News-Gazette

'Unofficial' Facebook author surprised at invitation's spread

By the numbers with 'Unofficial'

Unofficial St. Patrick's Day under way

*note bars are now open*

From Daily Illini

Dorms prepare for unofficial visitors

Landlords warn tenants about Unofficial

Liquor sales increase for week of Unofficial

Alex Pastor, senior in LAS, said he will make a trip to a liquor store on Friday to stock up.

Pastor said he typically purchases Natural Light because it is more economical, but he will most likely splurge on Friday.

“I might increase what I buy to Bud Light because it is a holiday,” Pastor said.

Stupid students...

Urbana's Unofficial 'like every other weekend'

Not celebrating Unofficial? A look at alternative events for Friday

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