Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CU St. Patrick's Day events

Several bars around town are having special events for St. Patrick's Day tonight.

Mike N' Molly's will be having corned beef and cabbage, also some of the better Guinness in downtown.

The menu includes, Corned Beef n Cabbage, Horseradish half-mashed potatoes, and Bread Pudding... also, some kind of brown bread for sop... and there is plenty to sop... mmmmmmmm sop. 5pm til it runs out. But we doubled the amount of food from last year, so I expect it'll last til 7 or 8.

Seven Saints will be serving corned beef and cabbage as well. Tonight is Whiskey Wednesday, and they will have Irish Whiskey in addition to the regular Scotch Whisky available.

will bring Irish AND Scotch Whiskeys 50% well as corned beef and cabbage for dinner! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Bentley's will probably have a Guinness special, in addition to most likely having an Irish band playing traditional music.

Join us for our 7th Annual St. Patrick's Day Party! Mom and Pop (and Kay) will be serving up corned beef and cabbage starting at 5pm and Exorna will be playing your favorite Irish drinking songs around 9:30. Specials on Guinness, Smithwicks, and Irish Whiskey as well as give-aways. And, our new patio will be open!!!

Crane Alley has adjusted their tap list to have several Irish, or Irish style beers available, including Ohara's Irish Red Ale, Rogue Kells Irish Lager, and the traditional Guinness. Crane Alley will also have a bag-piper after 10:30.

St Paddys Day Specials ~ Corned Beef, Guinness braised cabbage, and roasted new potatoes ~ 20oz Guinness drafts-you keep the glass, and Jameson specials!!!!!

Jupiter's downtown is running a Guinness special for $5 get an imperial pint (Guinness glass) keep the glass and $4 refills.

Memphis on Main apparently has green beer, if that's what you are looking for, at their St. Patricks' Day Party at 8pm.

Billy Barroz has Corned Beef and Cabbage. Also has $4 Smithwicks, Guiness, and Irish Mists' ( Jameson, Sierra Mist, and a splash of Bitters.)

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