Thursday, March 4, 2010

CU Bars in the News, One-on-One with Rebecca Vann, manager of the Blind Pig Co.

From the 217/buzz.

One-on-One with Rebecca Vann, manager of The Blind Pig Co.

The Blind Pig Co. is a bar serving a different side of CU. Since it opened the mircrobrewry addition in November, it gives beer drinkers the option to go local. buzz sat down with manager Rebecca Vann about beers, brewing them and the real history behind the sightless swine.
That's the first paragraph. From it, we should expect to cover all those topics. "mircrobrewry" was misspelled by them, not me.

The story covers the beers on tap, a horrible bio of the brewer, questions about undergrad patronage, questions about unofficial, bar history, and craft beers.

There is no mention of what a "blind pig" is. Even though it's mentioned in the lead.

If you want to know, there are two common definitions of "blind pig". The first is for a speakeasy. During prohibition, places that sold alcohol illegally were known as speakeasy's. A blind pig was a form of a speakeasy, although not as "classy" as a speakeasy. The owner would charge customers to see an attraction, then provide them with a complimentary beverage. The attraction would be the blind pig.

The other definition also dealt with prohibition. Here the blind pig referred to the serving vessel for the alcoholic beverage. A mason jar was known as a pig. A pig without any markings would be a blind pig.

The truth to the name is probably a combination of the two.

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