Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Darklord Day Golden Tickets cluster fuuuuuuuk

I got mine and Kridz tickets ordered, did you get your order processed?

The announcement that tickets were available came at about a couple minutes after 7 pm central time.

It linked you to The site is still up, and seems to be working better now.

The initial rush was probably insane. The myshopify server definitely couldn't handle the load of thousands of eager beer people trying to get tickets at once. I got several messages from friends saying they were having trouble getting through.

There's also several tweets discussing the issues with the site. Everyone does seem elated that they finally did get through. That, or they quit.

I'm not sure the number of tickets they are going to sell, but my confirmation number and the girlfriends were about 2,500 apart. So, they went pretty quick.

If you are still looking for them, try quickly. If you missed it, someone will be selling the tickets on EBay, as soon as they are received.

The amount of beer per ticket hasn't been released yet, neither has the price.

Again, you can probably expect to get 4 bottles for each ticket, at $15 per bottle. Your 8 pack of beer will cost $120.

I'm not sure what Three Floyds can do to prevent the frustration that many people expressed this evening. They need to find an online retailer that can handle thousands of simultaneous requests. Shopify just didn't cut it.

Additionally, the earlier message of "after work" was kind of bogus, as it caused many people to think that the tickets would go on around 5 pm central time. This left several people (including myself) sitting at their desks, thinking that at any moment, the tickets would be available. How many people were panicking thinking they would be on their drive home when the sale was announced?

Having the sales on St. Patrick's Day was probably also a bad idea. With the ambiguity of the sales being today, many die-hard beer fans stayed up all night waiting for the announcement (Hoosier beer geek for example) I did it last year, this year I made sure my phone would wake me. Those people who stayed up all night, probably spent the rest of the day waiting for the message. Now, on one of the world's most popular alcoholidays, they haven't slept, and are probably really cranky.

I'm still going, and I still love the beer.

Just got a message that 10 minutes ago, a buddy got through with number 6778, which is about 2,500 after kridz number.

See you on April 24.

Some other comments from friends...

"is it legal to bill 3 floyds for that hour of my life that i'm never getting back?"

"Screw you 3floyds. Was on site immediately and never did get an order page. Site was a big f'n joke. $40 shipping? Piss off."

"I'm trying to get a damn golden ticket, but the site is down :("

(I got my tickets) "me too... but it was like pulling teeth"

"Anyone else getting the "we are having technical difficulties"?"

(at 7:20) "i think they are sold out" me: keep trying "i will keep trying"

*edit* well, it's about an hour and 20 minutes after the sale started, and the website is saying they are sold out.

*edit #2* 3 Floyds has an updated blog post.

All shipping charges are being removed. So if you had the $4 one or the $20 one, you won't be paying that.

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crrimson said...

had to pay $20 shipping.. my friend got free shipping! WTF is that all about?