Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Darklord Day Golden Tickets

According to a recent Three Floyds tweet, Darklord golden tickets will go on sale "after work".

After work we'll put the pot of golden tickets at the end of your rainbow.
So, if you did this year, what I did last year; you are probably going to be really tired. I hope it doesn't ruin your St. Patrick's Day, many people's favorite alcoholiday.

Tickets will probably be available at the website. They cost $10 each, and you can get 2. A household can get 4. If you have any friends, they can get 2. Last year, each ticket allowed you to purchase 4 bottles of Darklord. The beer has been coming in 22 ounce bombers, and normally cost $15 a bottle. Since you had 2 tickets, you could get 8 bottles. Then you could fill up the other 4 spaces with other beers. Last year, the beers you could get included their collaboration with Dogfish Head entitled Popskull, and the collaboration with Mikkeller named Oatgoop. The previous year, the other buzzed beer was the Mikkeller collaboration, Hvedegoop.

There's no word on what other beers will be available.

There will be bands playing throughout the day, normally starting after noon.

There will also be ATM's on site, since it's a cash-only operation.

With the $20 for golden tickets, which will ensure that you get your share of the beer, you also get a free glass of the beer, per ticket. Your total investment, based on four $15 bottles per ticket will wind up being $140 (20 for tix, 120 for beer). Take more than that, because you'll want more.

Here's what you can expect throughout the day.

Show up early (don't get there at 11, there will be a HUGE line; early means about 8 or 9), take the first parking spot on the road that you can find. Start walking, following the crowd. They know where they are going. Go stake out your position in line. Get to know the people in line with you, you'll be with them for several hours.

Since you now know your line neighbors, go for a little walk. Check out what guest breweries are inside. Have a beer. Last year there was a cask section of beer. Have a cask beer. Get in line for the brewpub. Go inside, see what they have on tap. Last year there was 3 version of Darklord on tap; regular, oak aged, and vanilla bean. HAVE THE VANILLA BEAN!!! After you are done in the brewpub, GET OUT!!! There is a line to get in. Don't sit in there all day: one comes out, one goes in.

Make friends with everyone in every line you are in. If/when you cut in a line, offer the people around you beer.

Take a sampler glass with you, don't take a big ass Fat Sandwich glass! Go visit the tables and tables and tables of beer. Try stuff you haven't had. SAMPLE IT, you aren't there to drink all the beer that someone else brought.

Bring something interesting (beer) with you. Bring a cooler with good beer in it. Bring sandwiches. Bring other things to munch on. Find a camping spot across the street from the line. Set up shop. Take a grill. Take food to grill.

Have a designated driver.

Make pretzel necklaces.

Don't get into a fight (no matter how much I try to provoke you).

Don't get fall down drunk, if you do, don't be surprised if people laugh at you.

Don't break your bottles.

Do drink plenty of water. Do eat. Do have fun. Do walk around. Do meet people. Do prepare for any kind of weather. It's been warm, it's been really cold, and it's been rainy in the three years that I've gone. Be ready for all the weather. Shorts under jeans is a good idea. Do take sunscreen. Do put sunscreen on your bald head! (or sides of your mohawk)

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Scott said...

Only one difference of opinion. Since you have the golden tickets for Dark Lord, there is really no need to stand in line for hours. I did last year, only to find that towards the end of the afternoon there was no line, and you could still get your beer.