Monday, March 8, 2010

The 'UnOFficIal' aftermath; armageddon came and went


'Subdued' not the adjective for annual drinking festival, but final numbers show 'safe' gaining steam

CHAMPAIGN – Fewer arrests, fewer tickets, fewer medical calls and no major injuries during Friday's Unofficial St. Patrick's Day have Champaign public-safety officials feeling somewhat relieved about the annual bacchanal.
Wow, not only is that one of the world's largest headlines, but they used the word "bacchanal". Bacchanal means a drunken or riotous celebration. It relates to the word Bacchus.

A final tally of activity for Friday and early Saturday put the number of criminal arrests at seven, down from 15 last year; notices to appear in court for less-serious offenses at 265, compared with 351 in 2009; and medical calls at 28, compared with 33 last year.
7 arrests
265 citations
28 medical calls

With the tab for city ordinance violations ranging from $165 to $310, Champaign stands to gain more than $43,000 in revenue from fines, assuming all those ticketed plead guilty or are found guilty. Last year's police overtime cost taxpayers just over $10,600.
Wow, they actually put that this is a profitable event for the city.


Unofficial Aftermath


Unofficial St. Patrick's Day end with fines, towed vehicles

Towing companies say the drinking event might just be their busiest day. They mostly pick up vehicles from city lots. Tatman's Towing hauled off about 70 vehicles, while Reynold's towed 256.

The Unofficial Hangover

"It's a little more tame this year, not going to lie it's not as fun," said Jordan Missner.

Students credit that to a 21 and over bar rule as well as a ban on pitchers and shots, as police put forth their best effort to crack down on binge drinking.
Daily Illini

Police increase patrols, regulations for Unofficial

contains a nice ticket breakdown

Post-Unofficial bar scene: 'Busier than a regular Saturday night'

On Saturday, the entry age for C-U bars returned to 19 years old.

Some students who were turned away on Unofficial could once again get into the bars.

Dan Kadlec, sophomore in Business, said he stayed away from the bars on Friday but not Saturday.

“I’m not 21, and I knew cops would be everywhere on Friday,” Kadlec said. “I didn’t want to risk it.”

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