Monday, March 1, 2010

CU Bars in the News, White Horse Inn calling it quits again

White Horse Inn calling it quits again

From the News-Gazette.

(Sat, 2/27)

CHAMPAIGN – Tonight's the last call at the White Horse Inn.

The venerable Campustown watering hole is closing today after a year-and-a-half resurrection.

I didn't know it closed, let alone reopened.

He also said he felt the bar's location, at Second and Green streets, was too far from the center of Campustown.

Plus, Mattis said, the city of Champaign has been applying pressure to campus bars in hopes they'll raise their entry age to 21.

"We were getting raided every other weekend," he said. "If they're looking for something, they're going to find something."

Mattis is Aidas Mattis, one of the bar partners.

Tim Hoss Jr., a partner with Mattis in the White Horse, said the business "has just been a steady bleed" since reopening in the late summer of 2008.
So that one's closed.

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