Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CU Bars in the News, Officially preparing for unofficial

From WICD15.

Officially Preparing for Unofficial (not sure how long link will take you to the story)

We are officially a couple of days out from unofficial Saint Patrick’s Day on the University of Illinois campus. It's the day known for its raucous parties and binge drinking, and the city of Champaign is already outlining what they'll be looking for and who'll they'll be targeting at this year's event. Champaign police want to remind you to act responsibly if you are planning on going, and you should know they're making public safety a priority. That means you cannot drink in public nor have alcohol in public. Also keep in mind those caught throwing things off balconies could get a fine of up to two hundred and fifteen dollars. If a party charges for cups or admission, it is operating as an illegal establishment and that could mean multiple fines. They'll also be looking for those with fake id's and those who are drinking underage. If you notice something you think is out of line, please call 351-4545.
So, don't have a party where you charge admission. Don't drink if you are under 21. Don't carry open alcohol. Don't throw things off balconies (regardless of how fun it is). Don't drink and drive.

If you really want to mess with the system, you can screw the city over best by not allowing them to issue any tickets. All the money they are spending on cops overtime will be wasted. Please, don't break the law.

If you do break the law, you will not get a warning ticket, you will be fined.

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