Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 11, Beer Class, the Guinness ExBEERiment

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 11, the Seven Saints beer class will set out to find who has the best Guinness in downtown Champaign.

Everyone over 21 is invited. There is no cost to join, you just have to pay for your beer.

We will be meeting at Seven Saints at 7 pm. Please, don't show up on an empty stomach, there will be a lot of Guinness consumed.

The goal is to find out where in downtown is the best Guinness. The thinking behind this is that if a place does Guinness right, they will probably be able to do the rest of their beers correct too. We will be looking for any differences from one bar to the next. The object is not to get drunk, it's to find out where the best glass of Guinness is.

The bars that we will hit include (but are not limited to/ in no particular order) Seven Saints, Mike n' Molly's, Blind Pig, Blind Pig Brewery (the Piglet), Esquire (they should have Guinness, they have signs all over the place), Guidos, Jupiters, Bentley's. Any other place that has Guinness on tap will probably be added.

If you come, I recommend having a drinking buddy, someone to split the glass with, as there are 7 bars listed so far. Guinness is normally served in an imperial pint, so that's a lot of liquid in an evening.

So, show up at 7Saints around 7, and bring a buddy, there's a lot of Guinness to be drank.

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