Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Passover Beverages

It's coming up on the time of Passover, this year it runs from sunset on March 29 to nightfall on April 5/6. Since you are here, you probably like beer. Most likely you did a search for passover beer or something similar.

*disclaimer* I'm not Jewish, and I'm definitely not a Jewish Passover law scholar. I've just done some research.

So, you want to have a beer during this Passover season, but you don't know what you can drink. Most beers are kosher, however, they aren't kosher for passover. There is one beer specifically created to be kosher for passover. Ramapo Valley Brewery Passover Honey Beer is a "beer" specifically made for Jews during passover.

This beer is made with molasses, honey, and hops.

The main ingredients in normal beer: barley (a grain), hops, yeast, and water can't all be used to make a kosher for passover beer, since there are two rules that prevent their use.

The first is a rule about chametz, which is pretty much five types of grains. They are Wheat, Barley, spelt (a forme of wheat), rye, and oats. Those are pretty much the main grains that are used in brewing beer (except for the spelt). Additionally, all yeast that works on those grains must be removed, along with anything in the house that has chametz.

The other main rule regards mixing flour and water, in that baking of bread must be completed in a certain time frame from the point that the water hits the flour (18-22 minutes). Malting grain takes much more time than is allotted, and the boiling of the grains also takes longer than is allowed.

Since there is currently only one beer that is certified kosher for passover, you may want to have some variety in your drink. Other options for you include mead and potato vodka.

There are some specific beverages that are made to be kosher for passover. Distillery No. 209 has created a kosher for passover gin. If tequila is your drink, there's Agave 99, which is a certified kosher for passover tequila. There are several different flavored brandies that are kosher for passover, including Slivovitz! Plum Brandy.

All forms of traditional whiskey are not kosher for passover, as they are made from grains. There may be some non-traditional whiskey made for the passover season (possibly made from sorghum, or certain sugars).

If you really want to make sure that the beverage you are drinking is kosher for passover, check to ensure it is listed on the label.

With enough research, and time spent at the liquor store, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get totally wasted, while celebrating the time when the angel of death went down and slew the firstborn of Egypt.

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