Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CU Bars in the News, Pickup truck crashes through Mahomet bar to steal automated teller machine

From the News-Gazette

Pickup truck crashes through Mahomet bar to steal automated teller machine

MAHOMET - Champaign County sheriff's are looking for a pickup truck with severe rear-end damage that was used to steal an automated teller machine from a Mahomet bar early Tuesday.

Coile said Mahomet police were at the Bobcat of Champaign business on Jones Court in Mahomet about 6 a.m. taking a report of a stolen truck that matched the description of the one that busted through the wall of the Lake of the Woods Liquors.
Some journalist needs to go back to school. It took 5 paragraphs for them to get to the "WHERE". Just saying "Mahomet bar" in the lead doesn't count.

Story is also on Illinois Homepage.

ATM Stolen from Mahomet Bar

The Champaign County Sheriff's office is investigating the theft of an ATM. Someone drove a pickup truck through a Mahomet bar early this morning to get to the machine. It happened about 2 a.m. at the Lake of the Woods Bar and Liquors store. It's located on Prairieview Road. Deputies describe the vehicle as a newer model white pickup truck. They're looking for a truck with severe rear end damage. Deputies aren't saying how much cash was taken from the ATM.
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Another ATM Stolen

Story is on main news page and doesn't have a link, I hate that. Make your stories accessible via a link.

A burglary at the Lake of the Woods Liquor Store in Mahomet - leaves another local business with extensive damage -- and a stolen ATM. According to the Champaign County Sheriff's Office, they are looking for a white, late model pick up truck with back end damage caused by the truck backing into the store. This is the most recent of a string of ATM burglaries - with one happening earlier this year at a gas station in Monticello.

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