Thursday, March 18, 2010

CU Bars to enjoy the great outdoors

The weather is getting nice, it's time for a beer. Where are you gonna have it?

In downtown Champaign you have a lot of options.

Mike n' Molly's has one of the largest beer gardens around. They have a good beer selection to go with it.

Blind Pig Brewery has a beer garden out the back door. Currently, they are the only place in town to get beer made locally.

Cowboy Monkey fills the alley after hours with their beer garden. You can even sit in the gazebo.

Seven Saints has outdoor seating under an awning.

Blind Pig (original) has several table set up outside.

Highdive has a fenced in back area that seems more like a porch.

Bentley's Pub has a new beer garden/outdoor seating area.

Guido's has outdoor seats, inside the railing.

Out at the crossing both Billy Barooz has outdoor seats, as does Jupiters (a few outdoor seats downtown as well).

In Urbana, Crane Alley has several tables in the alley. Sometimes the wind whips down the alley, but in calmer weather it's nice and normally out of the sun.


Smart@ss said...

You forgot Jupiters two or three tables, or did they get rid of those?

Virgil G said...

I didn't think 3 tables was worth mentioning. there's a bunch with around that number on that street, some of which, i'd never stop at.