Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Standing Up

I'm going to try something.
I'm going to see the effects of standing. I'm not going to change pretty much anything else that I do. I'm not going to eat less, I'm not going to drink less, I'm not going to exercise more. I'm just going to stand up more.
I'm going to do this for 30 days (ish) just to see what happens.
I'm under the impression that I sit and relax too much. I think we all probably do.
Looking at my current routine, about the only time where I'm on my feet for a long period of time is when I'm bartending (Saturday at Radio Maria from 3 until 2; and Sunday from 3 until 9, come see me). The rest of the week, I'm pretty much seated.
I wake up from sleep (laying down), get dressed, get in the car (seated), go to work from 8-5 (about 95% seated), drive home, then watch tv (seated). The evenings are a bit different, Monday at 10 is beer class; Tuesday is off;  Wednesday is some work at Radio, then drinking; Thursday is off; Friday is happy hour, but I'm not going to change any of my routine. The only thing I'm going to do is stand more.
So, when it's not needed for me to sit at my desk and do something (bent over doesn't seem like a good way to spend the day) I'm going to be standing.
I'm not sure what I weigh now, but I know that my belt fluctuates between the second and third notch. So, about the only proof we'll have for results is where I fasten my belt, and how my clothes look on me (although I will probably go to the scale and see what I weigh with my clothes on).
So, let's see what happens. Can standing up really make a difference. If it makes a difference in me, will it make a difference in you?
Here we go.