Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Muzzah Fuzzah Rain

Well, it's June and here in central Illinois we are getting April showers.

If you look at a couple of days ago, we had some really cool storms. Well, last night (tuesday) we had MORE rain. More than Friday and that covered my yard.

Last night, we spent the night at Kriddys after being at 7S during most of the cubs game and the tornado warnings. But we got to her place and there was only one part on her country road that had some standing water. This morning there was a lake across the street in the farmland.

You could tell it was a lake, because there were ducks in it. Seriously, there were ducks in the rain water pond.

Last nights storms were really good, they probably went around bragging about how good they were to all their storm friends. You know how a bag of microwave popcorn says to listen for when there are a couple of seconds in between pops and that's how you know it's done. Last night, the popcorn wasn't done. Not only was there thunder every second, there were times when there was just constant booms, before the first would finish echoing, the second and third and fourth would have started. The popcorn cooked for at least 20 minutes. When it got done, it wasn't burned, it was soaked. Too much butter.

I got home this morning to my fear, my basement had water in it. It's the second time this year that that's happened. The first was because the sump pump didn't have an outlet hose and was just making a pit that was filled with water that would just go right back down the tube into the well. So I got a hose, that was a couple of months ago. Well, it flooded again. Not exactly sure why, but I'm going to assume that the ground is just so saturated with water around the house, that the big empty space that is my basement is the logical place for that water to go to.

Not so long ago (2006) Lake Bloomington was in drought levels. We aren't hearing about that these days. Nope, now we get warnings about flash flooding and other things associated with heavy rains.

Remember that food shortage I was talking about the other day? Here's a nifty little tidbit. Many acres of farmland are now under water and look more like rice paddy's than they look like corn fields. Fyi, corn doesn't grow very well below water.

Should I ever get out of the house today, I'll report on the beer last night.

In other news.

Rain is in the forecast... horray!!!

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