Monday, June 16, 2008

Beer Review, Dieu de Ciel Dernière Volonté

Friday night, cracked open a bottle of Dieu de Ciel Dernière Volonté.

The beer (which means Last Will) is an Abbey style blonde ale. I was feeling rather under the weather when I drank it and didn't take any notes.

It had decent head that stuck for most of the drink (I assume, as there was still Belgian Lace stuck to the glass when I went to wash it on Saturday morning). Kriddy said it smelled like I was drinking fruit juice or banana. I think I remember banana. It tasted like a german hefe. Slight banana, fruity flavor, that would have come from the yeast.

It was very easy to drink this beer. I'd like to have it again. I purchase this from Archer Liquors, on mine and Hippy's beer run.

At the time of drinking, I was suffering (and still am) from Bullous Myringitis. Which is an infection of the ear that causes a blister on the ear drum. Friday night, I could really feel the infection in my Eustachian tube, and it hurt bad... I've still got the ringing in my ear, which will last for a couple more weeks, but the infection is gone, so I'm not feeling horrible.


Dwight (Jim) said...

I wonder if that blister is squamous?

BTW, that beer sounds good, kinda like the Elevator Hefe that I enjoyed.

vgrid said...

it's more osmotic than squamous.

It was pretty good, and you'd probably like it, it was a similar color.

I got it in Chicago, not sure if it's available in your area.