Friday, June 6, 2008

Days of the Beer, June 7

The highlighted beer for June 7 is Three Floyds Robert the Bruce.

On June 7, 1329, Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, died.

According to Three Floyds website.

Robert the Bruce

STYLE: Scottish Ale
COLOR: Dark Brown
FLAVOR CHARACTERISTICS: A big malty body from chocolate and roasted malts, well balanced withjust the right combination of hops. Robust yet smooth, a true malt-lover's delight. AROMA: Full sweet malty nose, highlighting by roasted malt notes.
AWARDS: Gold Medal, 1997 Real Ale Fest

I remember Robert the Bruce from Three Floyds as being
extremely malty. Most 3F beers are big on hops, but this one is HUGE on malt. At 7.2% it can also mess you up pretty good if you have a bunch. So, for June 7, find you a Robert the Bruce, and drink happily.

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