Monday, June 23, 2008

Days of the Beer, June 23

The beer for today is Penn Gold.

On June 23, 1683, William Penn signed a friendship treaty with the Lenni Lenape Indians in Pennsylvania. You'll remember Penn was a Quaker (he is not on the box for Quaker oatmeal), a group of strict Christians who refused to bow or take their hats off to superiors. Quakers are concerned with personal choise and respect for humanity. They are also pacifists and conscientious objectors.

The Quakers are not (necessarily) tee-totalers. From here.

Quaker brewers consoled themselves that beer was at least more wholesome than gin.
As for Penn's treaty, (from wiki) Penn acquired lands for his colony through business rather than conquest. He paid the Indians 1200 pounds for their land.

So in honor of Penn's 1200 pounds, have a Penn Gold.

Penn Gold is a Münchener Helles. It clocks in at 4% ABV. Their website describes it as a light-colored, medium bodied lager beer with a delicate hop aroma.

I had this beer March 4, 2007. It seemed decent at the time. Penn makes some decent brews. So if you are in their distribution area, grab a gold, and think about one of the only guys who didn't royally screw over the native Americans when his colony grew.

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