Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beer Candidates

I was reading Deege's post over at the Fermentarium, entitled Which candidate represents the "beer vote"?

He made the standard argument that you will see in the coming months, John McCain's wife owns an AB distributorship; and Barak Obama didn't know about Yuengling.

Sadly, as a craft beer lover, he left off the other options.

American politics is similar to beer in America. There's Anheuser Busch or there's SABMiller. Most people think you can vote Republican or Democrat. Either way, you are ordering an American Macro Lager! The stuff we not-so-affectionately call, Fizzy Yellow Piss!

Fellow beer drinkers, you have a choice! You don't HAVE to vote for one of the two giants. You can vote for change.

Bob Barr!

Yes, Bob Barr USED to be a Republican, but he changed. (You can watch him talk about it on the Colbert Report)

So why is Bob Barr, the best Beer candidate, other than obviously if you can say Bob Barr Beer three times really quick, it acts as a field sobriety test? Bob Barr is a Libertarian. They are for personal freedom.

Check out this article from October 17, 2007.

Maybe it's because for most of my adult life I was a member of the Republican Party which, as those of us who have watched politics for a living know, is a party populated exclusively by teetotalers. I just never felt the need to hang around bars until the not-so-wee hours of the morning. But, hey, a lot of people do. And why shouldn't they be able to; whether they elect to do so for the right reasons or the wrong ones?
So, he doesn't care WHY you want to go to a bar until 4 in the morning, he respects your decision to do it!

Why are we yet again now facing the prospect of a government entity — in this instance, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners — threatening to curtail further the ability of business owners to control the circumstances under which they make their living, by deciding how long they are allowed to remain open?
Wow, a presidential candidate who is AGAINST the Nanny state!

I know all that. But still, the notion that the bad behavior of a minority of people in a given category — those who drink at bars, for example — should be dealt with by the heavy hand of government limiting how that entire group of individuals should behave, strikes me as discredited and rather authoritarian.
He's for letting you make your own decisions.

Read the article. He raises good points.

If you search the interwebs for Bob Barr and Beer, you'll find many people who comment on his posts that talk about the Alabama and the 6% ABV rule. These people claim that AB is part of the reason that Alabama has that law. Why would Bud want other people to be able to sell beer in Alabama, when they are able to limit the beers that go into the state?

Sure, most people consider the Libertarian Party to not have a chance. When was the last time America had a viable third party candidate? Ross Perot?

Vote Barr... Barr for BEER!

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