Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beer Review, Lakefront IPA

Last night at Seven Saints, I looked behind the counter and saw a yellow label that I recognized, Chibouisi was working, so I ordered it. At first he said "we don't have that" and then I pointed it to him and he said "Oh, THAT Shiner Bock". I recognized the label right away because, I have one of them in my car. Last year on Frank's birthday we were at a bar that had Fat Tire, Shiner Bock and Shiner Blonde (May 27). Well, the label for shiner comes off easier than any label I've come across. (If you are doing the whole peel off the label to get laid thing, go with a Shiner Bock). Last night's label came off as easy as a senior prom dress in a hotel room. The beer was as horrible as I remember. But that's not why we're here. We're here to talk about Lakefront Brewery IPA.

This one poured clear and rather orange looking (sorry for the dark picture). It had a slight pine, floral and citrus aroma. It wasn't very thick, there was a little syrup consistency to the brew, but mostly it was thin.

It started out slightly bitter, not rip your face off bitter, there was a little pine flavor, with some pepper and orange notes. Due to the pepper spiciness, there was a little bit of a celery or vegetable flavor in it, but that wasn't horrible or overpowering. As it warmed the orange and black pepper became more pronounced.

Even for being thin, it coated a little and was a good drink. It produced Chipper Dave's infamous "Burp Test" that was a Scots Pine flavor.

All in all, it'd be a pretty good intro IPA for beer drinkers. It wasn't over the top "hoppy", but had a decent enough kick.

Interestingly, the label for the IPA came off very easy too. I borrowed a pen from Chibouisi, and wrote my notes on the back of it. More brewers should make their labels come off easy, it'd save me from carrying around my beer backpack, I'd be able to try a beer, rip off the label and then write notes and shove that into my pocket.

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