Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dream Job

So dealing with beer, what would your dream job be?

Would you want to be a brewer? Would you want to own a bar? Some sort of combination? Would you want to work for a distributor? Would you like to own a distributor?

Production? Sales? Providing? Or would you want to get paid to be a Cicerone (or a cicerone style job)?

Last night while at Seven Saints, a Realtor guy in Champaign pretty much offered me a job as presenting beers at his open house parties. I guess he needs a hook. Some realtors have wine tastings at their open houses, he seemed interested in having a beer tasting.

Is this something I'd like to do? It's not like I could just give away a box of beer (or would it be an investment?) What would one charge for hosting a beer party for people that you don't know, and don't know if they'd even like the beer.

But then, isn't our goal in this beer thing to spread the joys of craft beer, and shatter peoples notions of what beer (and good beer) is?

When people say "I like dark beers" and then say they love Guinness ... isn't that who we're trying to broaden the horizon of?

How did this start? Well, a guy had asked Andy (manager of 7S) for a beer recommendation since the Dark Horse Black Bier was no longer on tap. Andy went through their list of stouts/porters and darker beers, until finally remember the New Belgium 1554. I mentioned how to me, it seems more like a Schwarzbier and not that stouty... but then, it's just a Belgian black beer. (I'm not a huge fan of Belgian style attempts at black beer). At the time, I was drinking... a belgian style attempt at a stout, Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence (which reminds me a whole lot of Hippie and my Chocolate Stout). So me and that guy were talking about beer, he mentioned he loved Old Rasputin, and who doesn't? Then his buddy comes back and was drinking something... a jack and coke style drink. And he's the realtor, and is hosting an open house party thingy on sunday, and would kriddy and I like to go? Then we start talking about beer, because, I'm mentioning how much I love stouts, and all kinds of beer, and I order an O'fallon Wheach.

So, we're talking about hops and stouts and barley... and I order a fruity flavored wheat beer. He starts to get interested in how kriddy and I are analyzing the beer, it's more apricotty than peachy... and similar stuff so he starts talking more about beer. He says something like "you've probably got a nice collection at home" which is funny because I was earlier talking with paddy about how much beer I have at the house (was I steering the conversation... not on purpose, I was pseudo drunk), and he brings up the idea of me providing beer.

Well, beer ain't cheap. A box of beer, when I go shopping, winds up costing about $100 on average. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's a little less, but it's usually around $100. It stays the same if it's a box of 12 bombers or a box of 24 bottles.

So, I guess the question is... do I want to do this? I've got more than enough beer at home, and can always get more. But ... bah... I should email him and find out more.

I'll keep you informed with results.

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