Friday, June 27, 2008

Beer Review, Witkap -Pater Abbey Singel Ale

After the softball game and a stop the Champaign Buffalo Wild Wings, went home and opened my bottle of Witkap-Pater Abbey Singel Ale.

This one poured yellow. Kriddy said, "It looks like pee"... man, it seems pee is one of the descriptors for beer color. Either the (Chimay) glass is etched on the bottom, or it was dirty, or some sort of chunk came out of the bottle, but the entire time I drank it, there was a stream of bubbles that came up the middle that gave it a meringue, feel. It smelled nothing like pee, banana, pepper (a little, not over powering) some spice and a little citrus.

It was a little thin, but creamy (due to the bubbles). It felt more acidic than carbonated. The acid really scrubbed the last remnants of buffalo wings off my tongue. It tasted a little like lemonade or orange juice. It was a huge citrus blast. The was none of the banana that I smelled, it was all citrus, almost like a melted sherbet. I didn't notice any hops in the flavor, or any alcohol. There was a slight malt presence, but it was pretty much all flavor from the yeast and any other spice additions. As it warmed, it almost had a feel of pineapple juice.

This was a pretty good beer. It'd probably go great with a salad that has tangerine slices in it. It'd also go well with a jello that has bits of fruit suspended in it, especially if there's some pineapple in there.

I picked this one up at Bruisin-Ales in Asheville. It came out of the monk that Kriddy was standing under. So, to find this beer, you go in, turn left and open the monk, and there it is.

Witkap Pater, means Father White Hat. It's an abbey ale (brewed by monks; but not Trappist) apparently by monks that wear white hoods.

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Rob said...

Lovelovelove this beer. Don't know why, exactly. One of my desert island picks. The world needs more singels, especially ones made by Santa.