Monday, June 16, 2008

Days of the Beer, June 16

The beer for today is Kona Brewing Company Fire Rock Pale Ale.

On June 16, 1897, a treaty was signed that annexed the Republic of Hawai'i to the United States. The islands later became the Territory of Hawaii on July 7, 1898. Hawaii became the 50th state on August 21, 1959.

According to the Kona Brewing Company website, the beer is:
Fire Rock Pale Ale is a crisp, refreshing “Hawaiian-style” pale ale. Its signature copper color results from the unique blend of specialty roasted malts. The pronounced citrus-floral hop aroma comes from the liberal amounts of Galena, Cascade & Mt. Hood hops added to each brew.
I had a Kona Fire Rock Pale on July 27 of last year. I don't remember it being too bad.

So, grab a Kona, and I hope you get lei-ed tonight.

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