Friday, June 6, 2008

Days of the Beer, June 6

I'm going to start a new "feature" here on the Vbg-log, called Days of the Beer. We've all seen (and possibly have) a beer calendar, the day at a glance thing. I've got one sitting on my desk, it's still on April 24. It seems the beers in there are in no particular order. Today's beer is Mactarnahan's Oregon Honey Beer. What does that have to do with June 6? (This won't be a definitive list, but it'll be a beer that would be a good one to have today). If you know of any beers that go with a date, let me know.

So the first Day of the Beer will be for today, June 6.

Guess what... Today's beer isn't even beer. It's a cider.

Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouche Brut de Normandie

Image taken from the web

On June 6, 1944, the battle of Normandy began. Operation Overlord, or D-Day began with 155,000 Allied troops landing on the beaches of Normandy France. Beaches Omaha, Utah, and Pointe du Hoc were taken by American troops; the British landed on Sword and Gold; Canadians on Juno.

So in honor of those soldiers from U.S., Canada and the UK, today would be a good day for Cidre Brouche Brut de Normandie.

The label says "Product of France"; if we didn't win, it'd say "Product of Germany".

I had this cider last year on May 22, I remember it tasting like a dry champagne style cider, as opposed to the sweet sugary style. I believe it was almost like a white wine, than a sweet alco-pop beverage.

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Michael said...

God Bless You.

"If we didn't win, it would say 'product of Germany."

More people should understand that simple distinction today - and always.

We beer drinkers are more sentimental than folks give us credit for, don't you think?

Nice post.