Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Days of the Beer, September 30

The beer for today is Lagunitas Brewing Company Censored (aka The Kronic).

On September 30, 2005, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 editorial cartoons. Most of these cartoons depicted the prophet of Islam Muhammad. The newspaper announced that the publication was done to help in the debate of criticism of Islam and of self-censorship.

Self-censorship, what an interesting concept. The newspaper asked their editorial cartoonists to draw some pictures, and that ---> is what they came up with.

These 12 cartoons caused a HUGE uproar in the muslim world (it's ok, they hate beer as much as they hate cartoons, so we don't really have to worry about them coming here... unless they are looking to be outraged) where members of the "religion of peace" made death threats against the cartoonists and rioted (among other things).

If you want to know everything, read this whole blog. (Yeah yeah, he has a link to my blog)

Really, if you want to learn this read the above blog. It's very informative.

As the controversy grew, other newspapers reprinted the cartoons. In the United states, there were 27 papers (the New York Sun published one and then two on separate occasions) that printed some of the cartoons, these were the ONLY papers to print them all.

1. Northern Illinois University campus newspaper "The Northern Star"
2. The Communicator
3. Human Events, Washington D.C.
4. Clemson University Tiger Town Observer
5. Clemson Forum
6. Oregon Commentator, University of Oregon
7. Fairmont State University, The Columns
8. College of DuPage The Courier

That's it.

The student editors of the Daily Illini were suspended, and one later fired. They wereone of the first American university papers to run the cartoons. They ran them Feb 9, 2006, almost 6 months after the controversy. (Go Illini)

As a lesson on self censorship, the world failed. What won't you say because you think you might offend someone?

Here's another censorship article for you to read and enjoy.


As to the beer:

The Censored
Rich Copper Ale

This ale contains no actual copper but we're pretty literal... It looked coppery, so we lamely called it a copper ale. Lots'a nice caramel malt though...

Alcohol 5.9% by volume
So, for Self Ceonsorship, go have a beer that's been Censored.

I hope you don't get any death threats today.

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