Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beer Review, Boon Kriek

After winning both games of a double header at softball last night, and watching most of the Cubs game at Hooters afterwards, headed home and listened to the rest of the game on my phone (no cable or satellite). While hoping they'd finish the game in a timely manner and being disappointed, I decided I'd have a beer. I surprisingly don't have many new-to-me beers in the fridge, at least not in non-bombers, so I pulled out the Kriek Boon. I served it up in a wine glass, as I don't have a flute. (Hmmm, next addition to the glass collection?)

The one was red. Almost koolaid looking. It had beautiful pink foam. It smelled of cherry, but not cough syruppy, which was really nice. It felt thin and fizzy, and even had a sugary feel.

It tasted sweet and cherry. It wasn't tart at all, which is a pleasant change from Cantillon Kriek. It's hard to believe both of them are Kriek. This one's an intro to beer drink, as opposed to the tart-rip your face off and you'd better like it of Cantillon. As sweet as it was, I almost expected it to feel like cherry nyquil, but it wasn't that at all.

Overall, it was really good. I wish I'd have used this one at the last beer sampling, or have had both and been able to show the differences in the two.

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