Thursday, September 11, 2008

Christmas in August

Christmas came early (not that I celebrate; but it is a good time of year for Christmas beers) in fact, it came 3 months early.

Rob and I are going to be exchanging some beers that neither can get in their area (or is "the other can't", if NEITHER could get it in their area, then how did either get it?). My package arrived yesterday (as you probably saw from the entry below).

Horray a box

So I cut it open and waded through the vast amounts of delicious popcorn and cheesey poofs that he also sent (California makes some great cheetos, who knew?) There was a really nice Styrofoam 6 bottle holder thing, which probably helped a lot in the transportation.

Where's the beer?

So I filtered through that, found one bottle hidden amongst the foam and pulled out the rest.

He sent me:

Russian River Supplication
Russian River Damnation
Russian River Redemption
Russian River Pliny the Elder
Russian River Blind Pig
Firestone Walker Union Jack
Speakeasy Double Daddy

So now it's up to me to fill it back up with local goodies... But what to send... what to send...

They don't get Three Floyds, Bells, Goose Island... do they get Founders?


Rob said...

Nope! No Founders out here...

vgrid said...

hmmm. so lets see, from the Beer Advocate top 100, I can send you

3. DL
9. Founders KY Bfast Stout
14. Founders Bfast Stout
17 (do I have a 17?) Dreadnaught
27 Bells hopslam
33. NG wisconsin belgian red (if you want it)
68. GL edmund fitz
69. bells 2 hearts
71 NG raspberry tart
89. alpha king
93. gi Imp. ipa
98. bells expedition
100. 3f alpha klaus

well, I've got 14 of the BA top 100 (locally) in my collection, so I'll put together the box and ship it out to you next week.