Thursday, September 18, 2008

$25 Food Challenge

This isn't beer related, but more humanity related.

Take the $25 Challenge

For thousands of families in eastern Illinois, grocery shopping is a challenge. Each week, they struggle to make end meet as they try to stretch just $25 per person to buy healthy, nutritious food.

From September 22 to 28, $25 Challenge particpants will eat on only $3.45 per day, the same amount received by the average food stamp recipient in Illinois.

Join the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, along with community leaders and partners, by particpating in the $25 Challenge and learn more about the struggles faced by the thousands in our area at-risk for hunger.

If the Challenge isn't for you, you can still participate; Donate $25 to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank to help us provide $250 worth of food to pantries, soup kitchens and other emergency food programs.

Read about the experiences of EIF Executive Director Jim Hires and other Challenge participants on the $25 Challenge Blog.

I'm willing to try. There will be two hard parts for me. 1. Diet Mountain Dew. 2. Beer.

I spend more than $25 on beer each week, heck I probably spend more than $100 on beer a week.

I wonder what the loopholes there are in this challenge. If someone else brings donuts into work, can I steal those? If there's fruit, can I take that? Can I become a freegan? What if someone else buys me a beer (other than the GF?)

So, next week, I'll be hitting up all my friends to buy me beer, sorry guys. Also, no hooters for me after softball, but the games are at 8, so that's not a problem. Pool may be an issue...

I'm willing to try, if you want to contribute and not try to starve yourself, donate to the Network for Good.

Here's an article on it, from the News-Gazette.

Remember, the U.S. is the only nation in the world... ever... where poor people are fat.

A long time ago, I was moved by this Hungry Planet, What the World Eats. The third family FAMILY, spends about $1.23 a week on food. The 14th family spends $5.03 for 13 people (unless there are more in the picture).

There's a Hungry Planet, What the World Eats Part 2, up now.

So there ya go. $25 for food for a week. MMMM, beans.

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vgrid said...

Well, I may have to donate $25 instead of being able to fully participate in this event. Yeah, I can do the food part, the problem is, the timing for this is very inconvenient for me.

We're going to Milwaukee for a Cubs game that Friday, Saturday is the Beer tasting and chili cook-off.

Sure, needing to use food stamps to purchase food is inconvenient too, but, I have too many other things I need to do.

So, I'll still just do the food, and cut out eating at the cafeteria, and purchasing diet mountain dew, but Friday and Saturday (and possibly sunday) don't count.