Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Champaign Urbana NFL Sunday Ticket Locations

It seems there are several people trying to find places in the C-U area to watch the NFL each Sunday. Here's a list, it's by no means complete.

Buffalo Wild Wings (Savoy and Champaign).


Tumble Inn.

There are probably more, and I'll look around for places that have it. I can name several that won't have it. As of right now, none of the CU-bars (Carlos) have them. Of all the bars in town, very few have enough televisions to support the complete lineup of football each Sunday. To see them all, I'd recommend either BW or Hooters.

I know Hooters also has free wi-fi, so if you want to track your fantasy team on your laptop, that'd be a good place to go. *edit* BW Savoy also has wi-fi

If you know of any other place that has it, feel free to leave a comment.

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