Friday, September 12, 2008

Beer Events; Beer Class at Seven Saints

After finishing up at Blind Pig's event with Capital Brewery, I headed down to Seven Saints to watch the Cubs game.

I had earlier messaged Jim, who used to work at Seven Saints to see if he had gotten any new beers... wait... back up... While at BP, Noah (from the CU Beer Club) told me that Chicago would soon be getting Lost Abbey beers. So I texted Jim, who now works for a distributor in Chicago and asked if he had gotten any good beers recently (no one seemed to know who would be distributing Lost Abbey, so I asked my man in the business). He replied that he had a bottle of Three Floyds Moloko for me.

So I was like... cool. I then went to 7S and started watching the game, and drinking a Dark Horse Rod. While I was at the bar, one of the waitresses said that Andy was in the back having a beer class. She took me back and they were going over Octoberfest beers. So I sat in and listened for a while.

Andy then ran off to get another bottle for the class, this wasn't an octoberfest, but the special "the students paid attention" beer. His choice was Avery the Beast Grand Cru. The one he brought out wasn't just any bottle, it was the 2005 edition, so it had a good 3 years under it's belt.

It was split into 8 glasses and everyone sniffed, sipped, sniffed, and sipped some more. What a great beer; raisin, molasses, sugar, alcohol, malt... it was outstanding.

One of the girls who worked (Kristine?) there told me she had talked to Jim earlier that day, and that he had a beer for me. I told her, yes I knew. Which is really odd, since I haven't talked to Jim since like... Dark Lord Day, April 26, when we dropped him off at Flossmoor, or was it more recent than that?

Well, Jim said he'd be shipping that beer down to me today, so it should be on my door within a week or so.

Additionally, before I left, I bought a bottle of 2007 GIBCS and smuggled it out of the bar. So now I've got a bottle of 2007 and 2006 GIBCS along with their year counterparts of the Imperial IPA to send out to California... among other beers.

It seems Andy is holding beer school for his employees on Thursday nights now, so I may have to go... um... sit in on school. He's been there long enough that he can start teaching others, like he used to do at Crane Alley.

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