Thursday, July 3, 2008

Days of the Beer, July 2 (revisited)

Check out Smitty's blog. Chamberlain Pale Ale Revisited.

When I first tried Chamberlain Pale Ale, I made a commitment to drink it again on the anniversary of the 20th Maine’s big fight at Gettysburg. Today, I’ve done just that and I'm glad I did, because it reminds me of two things: this is an outstanding beer, and history is an amazing thing.
He picks a Date and a beer for that date, and actually managed to have the beer!

Chamberlain Pale Ale, on July 2. It's a beer match!

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Michael said...

Hey, thank you for the plug! I think it just proves how intertwined our culture is with beer. The story I have is that the pilgrims chose to come ashore when they did because they'd run out guessed it: BEER!