Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beer Review, Cisk Extra Lager

I drank quite a bit of beer last night, and was able to review most of them. I started the night around 6 p.m. with a Cisk Extra Lager.

This one poured clear, a honey yellow, with a surprisingly resilient head. I expected it it dissipate quickly, but it stuck. It even produced a little bit of Belgian Lace. It smelled sweet, and pilsner-y. It felt fizzy and surprisingly heavy on the tongue.

It tasted sweet at first, with a little bit of bitter. It finished sour, and somewhat drying. As it warmed there were hints of caramel and maybe some butter or margarine (I can't believe it's not butter).

It wasn't that refreshing. I thought it was relatively temperate in the house, Kriddy thought it felt warm, and that surprised me that this wasn't the thirst quencher, I'd have hoped it would be. It was ok, but I think I enjoyed the can and not "extra" more.

After finishing this, we headed to our usual Tuesday starting joint of Hooters. There was no trivia, but we watched Wipeout. I started there with a bottle of Shocktop (it reminded me of dishsoap; too bad... I'm a "beer guy" with a Mohawk and if I liked it, I could probably advertise for them... :( ), then followed it up with a Boulevard Pale. Then we headed to Radio Maria.

... to be continued...

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