Friday, November 5, 2010

Big Ten Road Trips, part 7, Michigan

This weekend, the U of I football team travels to Michigan to take on Rich Rodriguez' Wolverines. Meh. Ann Arbor is Closer to Detroit, so breweries and brewpubs in Detroit will also be featured in this edition, as opposed to part 6, Michigan State. The drive there is about 6 hours and 344 miles.

On the drive, it's pretty much the same as going to Michigan State, except you keep going on I 94 instead of turning north on I 69 around Marshall.

This week, you continue on 94 and head to Ann Arbor (the whore). The first place you'll come to is the town of Dexter. That is the home of Jolly Pumpkin (well one of the 3 homes). Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales makes some really interesting beers. Their beer is available in CU at various locations in bottles and on draft. Many of their beers are barrel aged, and most have a slight tart flavor to them. They also have a location in Ann Arbor.

Also in Ann Arbor is Grizzly Peak Brewing Company. They seem to have at least 6 house beers. They also have a 9 beer sampler for $10, so maybe they have more than 6 beers. Some of the food menu items look good and are decently priced. Beer Advocate gives them a B+.

Arbor Brewing Company, is also in Ann Arbor. Beer Advocate gives them an A-. They claim to have between 8 and 12 house brews on tap at any time, with half being seasonal and half year round. Growlers are only $4, and can be filled for $8-12. Which isn't a bad price.

Another Ann Arbor brewery is the Blue Tractor BBQ and Brewery. They seem to have 3 year round beers, a pilsner, IPA, and a bock; in addition to some seasonals. Beer Advocate gives them a C.

That seems to be it for Ann Arbor, but some of those places look pretty good. If you continue heading on down 94 towards Detroit (rock city), you'll come across the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. Corner is a part of Arbor Brewing, so if you went there, you don't need to go here, unless you really want to.

When you get to Detroit, there are a couple of places you might want to go to. Atwater Block Brewery, is probably the most familiar brewery in Detroit. Voodoo Vator is probably their most familiar beer.

The Detroit Beer Company is also in Detroit. They have 7 yearly beers and several seasonals. Motor City Brewing Works, shows 11 beers on their website. Traffic Jam & Snug claims to be Michigan's first brewpub.

Since you are pretty close to it, if you are in Detroit, head up 94 towards Warren. Go to Dragonmead Microbrewery. If you went to the game, it's only about an hour away (if you didn't go to Detroit). They make a lot of different beer. A few years ago, at the Great Taste of the Midwest, I tried their Ring of Fire, which is an ale with hot peppers. That beer tasted like I was drinking pepper jack cheese. Which sounds bad, but it was great. These guys are very creative and make some damn fine brews.

Another brewery you might want to check out is Kuhnhenn Brewery and Winery. That's also in Warren. If I'm not mistaken, that is where the Blind Pig Brewery guy worked after he left Champaign.

That's about it for breweries/brewpubs that you'll want to hit if going up to Ann Arbor. Of course, you still get to go past Kalamazoo, and Munster, so if nothing else, pick up some Bells or Three Floyds.

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