Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alcohol in the news; Studens Question Police Priorities

From WCIA3 CBS/ Illinoishomepage.net

Students Question Police Priorities

Students are accusing the police of not protecting the U of I campus.

There have been two violent attacks on campus in just a day and a half. A woman was sexually assaulted this morning while showering in her dorm. She lives in Forbes Hall. Early Sunday morning a man was jumped and beaten up on 6th Street.

These crimes have students demanding more patrols on campus.

This weekend 25 people were arrested near campus for underage alcohol violations. Yet another beating happened an hour later on the same block police were patrolling.
Read that again. Read it again.

“The fact that someone gets beaten up on a corner while officers are working the bars, I mean we’re at other calls and at other places anyway. That’s going to happen, there’s going to be crime on campus,” said Champaign Police Chief RT Finney.

Chief Finney says stopping underage drinking doesn’t take away from trying to stop crime.

“In fact it puts more officers down in the area,” said Chief Finney.

To serve and protect, and to generate revenue for the city.

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