Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alcohol in the news; Risky Alcoholic drink shouldn't be banned

From the Daily Illini

Risky Alcoholic drink shouldn't be banned

It comes in a brightly colored can. It’s 23.5 ounces, it looks like an energy drink and it tastes like an energy drink. It’s a Four Loko, and it’s bad news.
We're all gonna die!!!

A Four Loko is advertised as a caffeinated alcoholic beverage, and it’s all the rage among college students lately. The cans cost less than $3, they are easy to get a hold of and they can get people drunk very quickly.
They are/were available at most gas stations. Last time I was at Friar Tucks, they were sold out.

Last week, the state of Michigan outlawed Four Lokos. We think that is a step too far; the alcoholic energy drink should not be banned. However, some of us have consumed this drink before and have been unpleasantly surprised at the experience. The drink is dangerous and can lead to bad situations for people who are not aware of its strength and consequences.
"The drink is dangerous and can lead to bad situations". But they don't think it should be banned.

This sounds like something I want to experiment with.

Miller/Coors and Budweiser have stopped making their alcoholic, caffeinated beverages. Because of that, we do not understand why other companies can still do so. We wish these laws were consistent, but in the end, it is our responsibility — and not the government’s — to make these choices.
Miller/Coors and Budweiser chose to stop making it, they were not forced to. There was no law that made them stop making it.

These types of drinks are known to be a problem, and more should be done so that people, specifically college students, are made aware of how dangerous Four Loko — and drinks like it — can be.
Ban jagerbombs! Ban cherrybombs! Ban (any)bombs!

In a campus with an already potent drinking culture, beverages like this are dangerous. However, we are all adults, and if you want to try a Four Loko, try it and have fun. But be careful and be cautious. More than one can be very bad, no matter how high your tolerance is. And mixing it with other drinks is a recipe for disaster.
Oddly, this article says not to pan the drink. Even though it REALLY seems like its for the ban.

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