Monday, November 8, 2010

Alcohol in the news; the first installment of a new beer column

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the first installment of a new beer column

All beers are different; some are dark, some light, some red and some that, basically put, taste and even look like water. Trying to differentiate type is task enough, let alone trying to distinguish quality. The better beers, most people would suggest, are the craft beers that come from small breweries or even places called “brewpubs.”

As one might guess a brewpub is a pub that also brews beers. In this day and age most people don’t see these seemingly ancient establishments; most brewpubs expand into their own separate-from-pub breweries. Though in the olden days this is where beer was made. Pubs would put up a hop-pole or ale-wand to show the locals that the beer was ready for a-drinking. Of course, like most things, this all started in Europe somewhere around the 1300s and somehow we only caught on in the U.S. during the 1900s.

Nowadays big breweries will open up their doors for guided or unguided tours of their factory, and they will have bars at the end where one can buy discounted straight from the barrel beer, which is always a ton more tasty. But think about it, how many bars down here in the CU show signs of at least once being a brewpub? There are several, so do keep a look out when you’re getting sloshy.

Brewpubs are a fading facet of the beer drinking world. Think about the care that came from the brewmaster and that was put into the beer that would have to turn around and produce a sustainable living. Like most on path alcoholics I thoroughly enjoy a microbrewed beer far over Keystone or Budweiser but I choose the latter two more often due to budget, however, the higher price adds to the treat and the occasion. So if you ever stumble upon a small town brewpub, do not pass it up. I repeat do not! The atmosphere alone will get you hooked and loving every drop of the carefully made beer sliding down your throat and into your gullet. So cheers to good health, good beer, and good times or anyone of the three.

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