Friday, April 23, 2010

Prepare for Darklord Day

Tomorrow is Darklord Day. Do you have your tickets? If not, you don't really need them. In fact tomorrow will be the perfect day to go to DLD if you don't have tickets.

Looking at the forecast on, from 6am to as far out as their forecast goes (Sunday at 6 am) there's the symbol for thunderstorms. Highs tomorrow look to be around 67 at 4pm. Depending on what time you get there (we plan on getting there at 8 am) the temperature could be in the high 50's.

If it's raining, that will make it very cold. 60 degrees in the sun is much warmer than 60 degrees in the rain. Dress warm. Wear a rain coat, take an umbrella.

If it's raining (which it probably will be) that means that when people get inside the brewpub, they probably will be in there for a long time. Once they get into the brewery to get their beer, they'll probably be there for a while too.

The good news is that foul weather will probably keep away many of the less dedicated people. This means that when the beer goes on sale to people without tickets, there will be more available for you. It also means that even if you had tickets, you can probably go through the line again and get more.

So, you are going. Dress warm. Don't dress too hot, just keep warm. With overcast and rainy skies, you don't have to worry about a sunburn.

If you take an umbrella while you are standing in line, remember that when you are carrying your beer back to your vehicle, you will also have to carry beer and an umbrella.

Be very careful when you are carrying your beer back. A wet box isn't very strong. If you set your beer box down, the bottom can get wet and become very weak. If that happens, your $15 bottles will come spilling out the bottom of the box and smash on the street. Everyone will feel bad for you, but they aren't going to be able to fix it. You aren't going to get a refund, and you aren't going to get replacements.

There will be ATM's on site, which is good, because the other nearest ATM is at the gas station about a mile away. Take plenty of cash. You will have to pay cash for all the beer you purchase. Take $15 for every bottle of beer you plan to buy. Assume that each ticket will be worth 4 bottles. So take $60 for each ticket. If you have two tickets, take $120. If you are only going to be purchasing Darklord, then you can get away with just taking the $120.

There will be other beers for sale, last year the other neato beer was popskull, which was the dogfish head/three floyds collaboration. Not sure what all will be there this year. I believe they did another 3f/dfh collaboration; additionally, there should be another in the Mikkeller "grain" goop style.

If you can, take a pull cart. The kind that you strap luggage onto. You will probably be carrying a case of beer about a half mile. After a while, that beer gets to be very heavy. If you can pull it behind you, that will make your life a lot easier. Other options are a cooler on wheels, or even a suitcase with wheels.

Check out the parking map.

Don't park in the red spaces. Be nice to the neighbors. Many of them are allowing you to park in their spots, this is different than before. The red line leads me to believe that you will not be able to park along the inner loop of the road. The outer loop appears to be fin for parking. The sooner you get there, the closer you can park. If you get there after the gates open (11) you will be parking a long way away.

Have fun, stay dry, stay warm, don't get too drunk, don't drink and drive.

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