Monday, April 5, 2010

CU Bars in the News, Best Bars: Fat City

From Illinois Homepage, WCFN

Best Bars: Fat City

Fat City is located at 505 South Chestnut.

Fat city is one of the few places (if there are any others) with shuffleboard.

According to their website, their beer (tap and bottle) list is horrible. There are about 35 versions of American Light Lagers. Let's run them down... shall we:

bud light; coors light; miller lite; stella artois

Interestingly, Blue Moon is listed as an import draft.

Budweiser, bud light, bud select, bud select 55, busch, busch light, coors light, old style, o'doul's, mgd, mgd 64, miller high life, miller lite, natural light, pbr, bud light lime, bud light wheat, michelob ultra, michelob ultra pomegranate, amstel light, corona extra, corona light, dos equis lager, fosters, heineken, landshark, pacifico, red stripe, rolling rock, stella artois.

That's a lot of the exact same thing.

They serve Pepsi products.

They do have a large patio, and have live entertainment.

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