Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alcohol in the News; Medical News: Drinking and Breast Cancer

From WCFN 49/ Illinois Homepage.net

Medical News: Drinking and Breast Cancer

Dave Benton: In medical news—new information for women about the risks of alcohol.

A study shows heavy drinking increases your risk of benign breast cancer. It's more common in yonger women.

Researchers believe the connection between the two is in the hormone estrogen. Drinking increases estrogen levels, so drinking more increases a woman's risk.

Researchers hope the study will make women think twice before buying their next drink.
The local story seems to be based off this one from WebMD.

Teen drinking linked to benign breast cancer

April 12, 2010 --Teenage and adolescent girls who regularly consume alcohol may be at greater risk for developing benign breast disease in their 20s than their teetotaling counterparts, Harvard researchers report in the May issue of Pediatrics. Benign breast disease or noncancerous lumps, bumps or cysts in the breast are known risk factors for breast cancer.
It's not the cancer cancer version, it's just lumps. Granted, lumps aren't pleasant, but they can be removed. (I'm a guy, I've felt benign lumps before)

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