Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bars to watch baseball in CU

So, you are looking for a place to watch baseball in Champaign Urbana.

One of the best places to catch the games is Buffalo Wild Wings, BW3. They routinely have the directv baseball package. The beer selection isn't all that great, but they have a lot of tv's and have all the games. Both the Savoy location, and the Champaign one should have all the games.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar is located at 907 West Marketview Drive, Champaign.
The Savoy location is 1335 Savoy Plaza Lane, Savoy.

Another place with a lot of tv's is Hooters. Again, their beer selection isn't the best, but if the baseball game sucks, you have other things to look at.

Hooters is located at 1706 South State Street, in Champaign.

Old Chicago has several tv's and has the best beer selection so far on this list.

Old Chicago Pizza and Pasta is located at 1910 North Neil Street, in Champaign.

Billy Barooz, has several tv's throughout the bar, and is an excellent place for more upscale food (so far on the list). They have a decent selection of beer. I'm sure every available Cubs, Sox, and Cardinals game will be on there.

Billy Barooz is located at 2521 Village Green Place, Champaign.

Right next door to Barooz is Jupiter's at the Crossing. They have a decent beer selection, along with some pretty good pizza.

Jupiter's at the Crossing is located at 2511 Village Green Place, Champaign.

Guido's Bar and Grill, has (according to Kristy) the best grilled cheese sandwich in CU. I really enjoy their prime rib sandwich. They have several tv's and is probably the best place in downtown Champaign to watch a game.

Guido's Bar and Grill is located at 2 East Main Street, in Champaign.

There are several bars with a few tv's that if no one else is watching, will try to accommodate you.
Seven Saints
has 5 tv's and good beer, and sliders.
Fat City
has a whole lot of BMC products.
If you are playing softball or rugby and want to catch a game, Po' Boys in Urbana is your best bet.
Esquire Lounge has an ok beer selection, and I love their Asian Dumplings.
Tumble Inn is about as close as you'll get to an after softball bar. There are a few tv's.

Places to avoid are: Blind Pig, Blind Pig Brewery, and Radio Maria. None of those bars have televisions.

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