Monday, April 26, 2010

Dark Lord Day Recap

Another DLD is in the books. Lots of beer was sold, lots of beer was consumed.

I had a blast.

We left CU around 6:45 after a couple of false starts and headed north to Munster. We arrived about 9:15 and walked up and found my co-worker Gary. He was supposed to ride with us, but didn't leave Tuscola until what we thought was too late, he got there before us.

We walked up the line, and found our usual camp site. Across the street and near the corner. We positioned the new Bruisin' Ales grooler. In our area. I had purchased a folding luggage carrier to help move beer and other supplies around that day, and it was a darn good $20 spent. Walking about a half mile while carrying a case of beer can be really tiring. Carrying a case of water, bags of charcoal, and other items also were that much more convenient.

We were the first ones in the CU Beer club to arrive. When the others showed up, they brought those neat tent things, that just go up with a bit of velcro. We had 2 of the tents at our site. If it rained, we would have been ready, instead, it was nicely just overcast for most of the day. When the others showed, the breakfast casserole arrived. Later, more sausages arrived.

I went down, and introduced myself to the guys who we'd be in line with. They were nice fellows from Louisville. Timothy and (mumbles a name). We later met up with some guys in Chicago, who were camped/tailgating right behind us. That made it much quicker.

The guest taps were set up outside, on the right of the parking lot, towards the street. There was a great selection. (look at list below). From there, I sampled or drank several of the beers. One of my favorite on the day was from Goose Island and was a Bourbon County Stout with coffee and raspberry. I also got the Brooklyn Cookie Jar Porter (yummy); Pizza Port Sticky Stout; Founders el Diablo del Noche (cask; also nummy). Also had the Dark Lord that was on tap.

This years wax is Green. Bottles are available on ebay. When we went through the line, there was a limit of 4 per ticket. Later there was a rumor that the amount was dropped to 3 per ticket. Also available was last years Dark Lord, with the white wax.

I didn't get around as much as I wanted to, and felt kind of rushed to leave. So, in that hurry, I managed to leave behind 4 bottles of green wax DL, which my friends were nice enough to bring back for me, even though I haven't seen those bottles yet. Sadly, I left my Dogfish Head bag somewhere. No one in the beer club seems to know where it is. Sadly, it's also not available online anymore.

I still didn't manage to meet too many people that I know from online anywhere. The Hoosier Beer Geek people had a DORK LORD tent set up, which was cool.

To sum up, I met some cool people; drank some great beer; bought some great beer; ate some good enough food; and didn't spend anywhere near as much money as last year.

I've been looking at video's on youtube, but haven't seen myself yet. I saw my chair, and Gary, but not me.

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