Monday, March 16, 2009

Dark Lord Day Emails #3 and 4

Hopefully you've signed up for the ability to purchase tickets tomorrow, for Dark Lord Day. If not, GO SIGN UP. , (the info you really want to know)

Here's the info from their last email.

1.) The price for Dark Lord bottles will be $15 per bottle,
just as it has been in years past. And for those of you
that are wondering... we're keeping the color of the wax top
a surprise for now.

2.) If you purchase tickets you may: use both tickets for
yourself, use one and give the other away, or give both of
them away. Please be responsible and considerate with your
tickets - we're trying to increase access to Dark Lord, not
provide a new market for scalpers.

3.) Regardless of whether you purchase tickets or you are
given tickets by a friend, the absolute max number of
tickets per person is two. Do not show up to buy Dark Lord
bottles with more than two tickets in your hand and do not
use two tickets and then get back in line again with more
tickets. We reserve the right to reject tickets for any
reason - so be considerate of others and play fair, both at
the event and during the ticket sale.

4.) The number of bottles available per ticket has yet to
be determined - we have a good idea of how many we'd like
to be able to provide per ticket, but we have to get closer
to the Dark Lord Day event (April 25th) to see our exact
yields. We want to make sure that everyone that gets a
ticket gets a reasonable number of bottles per ticket but
we don't want to quote an exact number until we're sure
that we'll hit that production mark.

So the biggest question is... WHAT TIME DO TICKETS GO ON SALE. (Yes, I know you've waded through all this to find out the answer to that question).

As we indicated on the FAQ we're choosing not to reveal an
exact time such that we can reduce our chances of the site
going down - which hurts everyone's chances of getting
tickets. We don't want thousands of people all hammering
the site at the exact same moment. But we also don't want
people waiting around all day for us to open the sale.

So what we can tell you is this: you should check your
email in the morning on St. Patrick's Day. Most people -
depending on your time zone and sleeping habits - should
have an email from us waiting for them once they get up. If
it's not there by the time you get it up it should be there
shortly thereafter.
Ok, so, that means instead of me staying up until just after midnight (and having the Dark Lord Day Ticket Purchasing Party) that I instead will be staying up all night checking my email every five minutes. I guarantee, I won't be the only one doing it. There will be quite a ruckus going on in the house when it happens, as I'll be waking Paddy, and Kridz, and calling Skot and Big Brad.

So, tonight, I'll be up all night, checking email. This will be fun. If anyone else wants me to call them when the tix go on sale, drop me a note, email me, or send me a text message.

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