Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dark Lord Day Tickets

I think I got my Golden Tickets ordered. Horray.

Paddy should have his, Kridz should have hers. Everyone else, I wish you luck.

Here's who else I know that got tix today (everyone got 2).

Noah & Jenn
Big Brad
Eric (7S beer class instructor extraordinaire) & his wife
Sammons (got 2 but his wife didn't get any)

That's all I know for now.


Anonymous said...

I got mine! - anyone have a good place to stay in Munster - what are most people doing?

J said...

I gots no ticket. I was in DC drinking at the Brickskeller. Just got back tonight. Teh Suck.

Check out Josh Freese's website. It's funny.

Virgil G (vgrid) said...

Dearest J:

Just because one doesn't have a Golden Ticket, doesn't mean one can't go to Dark Lord Day.

The ticket entitles the holder to a glass of the beer. Surely you don't think I could drink 2 glasses of DarkLord all by myself?

Also, there's a buncha other things going on, like bands, BBQ, and guest breweries. Not to mention the tables and tables of beer that people just bring to the place.

It's also a great day to make some trades; so if you have some stuff that people can't get elsewhere, they might be interested in it. Or say, if you got some beer for a friend, and you were needing to give it to him... that might be a good gathering point.

Also, if one were to show up, I'm sure a few bottles could be had.. from a friend, or a friends friend. or something.

Yours Truly