Friday, March 6, 2009

Revco Sex-o Olympic-o

It says (up there) Beer Drinking and Other Thinking. Well, here's some other thinking.

Revolting Cocks put out a new release on Tuesday. This one is entitled Sex-o Olympic-o. Overall, this is a pretty good album (do we still call it an album? If it's downloaded what do I call it?)

The album is available on Itunes. It's also on Amazon. hmmm, iTunes has it for $9.99 and Amazon for $8.99. Sadly, it wasn't on EMusic on Tuesday, it might be up there now, but dunno (websensed here at work). I'm gonna haveta check tonight.

Ok, so now about the album. I like it. I like it lots. Granted it's somewhat difficult to think of it as Revolting Cocks, but if Al says it's Revco, then it's Revco. I may have my ideas of what I think something should be, and what something's been in the past, but ultimately, what something is, is what the owner says it is.

I still love "I'm Not Gay". It was one of my favorite parts of the Ministry concert back in May. The song gets better with age. "Cousins" is now one of my top played songs. It's a nice little ditty about incest with a cousin. "Why walk down the street when you can walk down the hall?"

Lude Ferrigno is a nice touching song about everyones favorite Hulk.

Cursed with the inability to hear
But blessed with the power to pleasure women at random

Lude Ferrigno

No other man, can make his mark upon the world
By changing into a green monster
All the songs are pretty darn good. I guess the biggest question is, would I buy this album if it was a different band name, other than Revolting Cocks? Probably, I buy everything that's on Al's 13th Planet label. Would I buy it if it weren't 13th Planet? Probably, but I don't think I'd be listening to it as much.

Like beer from a specific brewery, you expect good things from them. 13th Planet has some outstanding artists on the label. Ministry (obviously), Revolting Cocks, Prong, Ascension of the Watchers, and False Icons. Ok, so they are all pretty much incestuous, with someone from each being in Ministry, but they all have a different style.

Revco now is the (what I'd assume) dance club stuff. Ministry is (was) the modern industrial. Prong is the straight metal band. AotW is kind of ambient. False Icons reminds me of late 80's early 90's industrial.

It kind of reminds me of Three Floyds Brewery. Ministry is Dark Lord; big, strong, black and powerful. Revco is Alpha King; it's got a citrus aroma, so it's a little fruity, like Revco. Prong is Dreadnaught; in your face, you probably aren't ready for it. AotW is Behemoth; a slow sipper, something to drink and listen to in a big comfy chair, while reading a book and maybe smoking a cigar. False Icons is Black Sun Stout; it's not quite as powerful as Dark Lord, but it's available more often, and you could probably drink more of it without your head exploding.

So, go out, get yourself some Alpha King and sit down with the new Revco. It's probably best to be watching a porno with the sound turned off, while you are listening. If that's not available (or not your thing), maybe some pro wrestling. But then if porno ain't your thing, you probably aren't a huge revco fan anyway.


Michael said...

Revco...I worked at the Revco warehouse shortly after I got out of the army in about 1989...I'm thinking you're not talking about the same Revco since I don't think the actual name of that chain of drugstores was Revolting Cocks...God I'm a square. Hey, what I meant to tell you was I sampled another beer for old Smart@ss. Pipeline Porter is tasty, indeed. said...

Good blog.