Friday, March 20, 2009

that Cingular (AT&T) Commercial, redux

By now, you probably know my feelings on that Cingular Commercial. Well, I'm not sure if they changed it, or what they did to it (or why they did it) but last night, while watching the NCAA Men's basketball tournament (do I haveta put a copyright or trademark symbol behind that?)that frakking Cingular Commercial was on several times.

I pretty much know all the words to it by now.

BUT, last nights was different.

If you look at the screen shot (exactly half way on youtube) you'll see it says; "ANOTHER SALE IN DALLAS!"; the other text message sent between the seller (distributor) and the brewer include, "BOSTON LOVES US".

Here's the original.

Here's the one I saw last night.

At 11 seconds, there the first commercial said, "BOSTON LOVES US" it now says "SPAIN LOVES US" (just noticed, it's a different phone too). The 15 second "ANOTHER SALE IN DALLAS" has been removed.

The end of the commercial now says "Best Coverage Worldwide".

So why was the commercial changed? Did they think it would be a good commercial for showing their world wide coverage?

I still get pissed off about that commercial.

In other commercial news; tonight is the final episode of Battlestar Galactica. How many Extenze commercials will we be treated to? The commercial normally pops up, after some commercials, and they have a sci-fi promo, where (I think) a christmas bulb smashes into the Sci-fi Logo, and then a buncha elves pop out; then one waves a magic wand at you, and boom... extenze commercial.

I hate that commercial as well.

At least SAVE BY ZERO is gone.

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