Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dark Lord Day 2k9

Information for Three Floyds Dark Lord Day 2k9 is now on the web.

Click here.

You MUST register on the site, in order to purchase a ticket to get Dark Lord.

You should do this NOW.

Dark Lord Day is April 25. You need to register with the site (now) and then the tickets will be going on sale on St. Patrick's Day, so mark your calendars now.

When you register on the site, you'll get information (later) about the purchasing of the ticket.

I'd assume there will be a rush on tickets, so on st. paddys day, get up early!

My thoughts:

(I believe) This came about because there were many people who bitched about not getting Dark Lord last year. If you read the FAQ, it claims people showed up early and still didn't get any. On that, I call BULLSHIT.

If you didn't get any in years past, then you obviously didn't want any. You may THINK you wanted some, but you didn't. If you REALLY wanted some, you would have gotten there 3 hours before the doors opened. If you REALLY wanted some, you would have known to show up with $90 cash. If you REALLY wanted some, hell, you would have gone into the brewpub and gotten a glass of it, and the oaked, and the vanilla. If you REALLY wanted some, you'd have gotten a 6 pack. But, you didn't get any, because you showed up at the time when the doors opened, and the line was all the way back to the fire station, and curled up. You wanted to sleep, or wanted to take your girlfriend, who "doesn't even like beer", or wanted to stop and get breakfast, or had some other thing that was slightly more important than getting a beer that's been the #2 beer for the better part of the past 3 years (according to beer advocate).

If you really wanted it, you'd have been there early, in line, freezing your ass off, like everyone else. You are probably also pissed at the people who turned around and sold it on EBAY for a bottle at the price of a 6 pack. But you bought one anyway. Then you probably claimed the beer wasn't that good anyway.

Now, there's a new system. You are probably going to find a reason to bitch about it too.

If you've made it this far, I hope you clicked on the link and registered.

I'll see you there.

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