Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, but 2 things have hampered my posting.

1. At work we have this thing that I'm calling "Project use the internet and you'll get fired." While I'm probably being more productive at the office, it's really cutting into this.

2. Paddy got high speed internet at the house, which seems to crap out every time I want to do anything here (productive) so that's hurting too. He's got a call into comcast about it, they are supposedly coming out on Tuesday, so we'll see how much that helps.

Next week, Thurs-Tues, Kridz and I will be going to Georgia. Hoping to go to Sweetwater and some other places while there.

Let's hope everything picks up with this soon.

Thanks for your patience.



Michael said...

Hmmm. "Project Use The Internet and You'll Get Fired." I think that's catching on where I work, too. Bastards!

Do they at least let you drink the beer at work?

Chipper Dave said...

I couldn't do without my occasional use of the Internet while I work. That's why I work from home once or twice a week. I use one computer for work and another for me. That way I keep things separated. Still, at the office it's hard to sneak a "fix" of internet time.

By chance you heading to the Beer Drinker of the Year awards again this year?