Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Days of the Beer, February 3

The beer for today is Northampton Brewery Daniel Shay's Best Bitter.

On February 3, 1787, the Shays' Rebellion was crushed.

The Shay's rebellion was led by Daniel Shays. His followers were known as Shaysites. They were mostly poor farmers, in Central and Western Massachusetts, who were struggling with high debt and taxes. At the time, failure to repay would result in imprisonment or by losing their property.

The rebellion started on August 29, 1786. The Shaysites were finally defeated at the federal Springfield Armory, in Massachusetts. As a result of the rebellion, a Constitutional convention began on May 17, 1787.

As to the beer:

Northampton Brewery is located in Northampton Massachusetts.

English style best bitter ale. Starts off malty on the pallet and finishes of hoppy.
Daniel Shay's Best Bitter is a year round offering from the brewery.

Shays' name was "Shays" so the beer should be named Daniel Shays' Best Bitter, with the apostrophe after the second s, instead of before.

So, for Daniel Shays and his rebellion, have a best bitter from Northampton Brewery.

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