Friday, October 8, 2010

Beer in the news; Brew your own beer

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Brew your own beer

It's supposed to be an informative article.

“[Brewing beer] used to be what a lot of people did at home, but nowadays almost nobody knows how to,” said Blind Pig Brewery’s brewmaster, Bill Morgan.

There are two main categories of beers — pale lagers and ales. Ales can be further split into pale ales, stouts and brown ale. There are, of course, other varieties that won’t be mentioned here. The strength of beer can range anywhere from 1% to 20% alcohol by volume. The alcohol content of beer is determined by the amount of fermentable sugars and the variety of yeast the brewer uses.

Most of the equipment and ingredients that you need to start your very first home brew can be easily found at your local beer-making supply shop, such as Friar Tuck or some hardware stores.


There's listed Equipment, ingredients and steps.

Or you can just get a kit.

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