Thursday, October 28, 2010

Alcohol in the news; Wine forces public to pick a party

From WCIA 3 CBS/

Wine forces public to pick a party

A Central Illinois winery is serving up a drink that both Democrats and Republicans can cheers to. The Walnut Street Winery in Rochester has created political wine.

Winery owner, Loren Shanle, says the red and blue sealed bottles have the same blush wine inside, but the labels make all the difference. One is sold as GOP wine with a cartoon elephant on front. The other, features a donkey. It's, of course, for the Dems.

If the wine sales are a reflection of next week's election results, the winery says Republicans have the upper hand.

"We've had people come in and say 'I like that wine'. I'll say 'Which bottle would you prefer?' I've had people say 'I'd rather not say.' One person last year said they were an Independent and the ladies poured out both," says Shanle.

Last year the Walnut Street Winery created "Barackoberry" wine. It never hit the shelves, however, because the federal government wasn't crazy on the idea of the President and alcohol being linked so closely.

soft news.

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