Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bars in the news; Attacks spread to downtown Champaign

From WICD 15 ABC

Attacks spread to downtown Champaign

Champaign- Police say a crime pattern is forming in Champaign, and right now, they can't find a motive.
The department says, groups of young black men are singling out white men who are walking alone then attacking them.

They're similar, but police say, not connected.
But this is what we do know.
The suspects are targeting white men, usually around college age, then punch and kick them without provocation.
But city officials say there is a way to prevent this from happening to you.

The crimes are alike, and they target people who walk alone.
The latest one happened right here at the 300 block of Walnut Street.
The victim said he walked out of a downtown bar late Sunday night, then was attacked by four black men.

"I'm not scared, it concerns me a lot, but i mean, I'm pretty concerned about my own personal safety," said Paul Dudley, a Radio Maria employee.

Paul Dudley works late hours at a downtown hot spot, and knows too well about the rash of assaults happening all over the city.
Dudely is constantly on edge walking home at night after last call.

"As far as walking by myself, I just try to keep my ears open and walk as quickly as I can," said Dudley.

City officials do advise people to stick to the buddy system after a night on the town, and if you happen to become a victim, your best bet is to report it right away.

There's been nearly two dozen reports of similar attacks happening not just downtown, but also on the U of I campus and near Centennial High School.
Police arrested people for some of the attacks, and Mayor Schweighart says more arrests are coming.
Footage from inside Radio Maria, and an interview with Paul.

Same story also available on Fox (without the Paul interview)

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